Windlake Academy

Currently enrolling students in grades 4-8 for the 2017-2018 school year.  Call 414-672-0726 for more information

Windlake facility improvements

Improvements will be made to the entrance of the Windlake Academy building. New signs will provide easily identified entries for both the Windlake Academy and the WIC program at the ground floor. The existing parking lot will be expanded for easier student drop-off and pick-up, and increase parking capacity. The pedestrian pathway leading to the building will be improved to make access to the building easier and safer. In order to provide space for the fourth grade students, a number of interior improvements will be made. Student safety will be drastically improved by separating the student areas of the building from the more public WIC and Seeds of Health administrative offices. Much needed staff office space will be added to the first floor and the restrooms and lobby will be upgraded. See all these improvements in the attachments below.